hey, mom? can i wear that?


alright, so to kick off the week, i wanted to do another one of my fashiontip sorta things, so heree we go!

alright, so i know each of us can testify to a moment where we’ve looked at the outfit our mom was wearing and we’ve thought to ourselves, “what the heck is she wearing?”

i can say i have definitely thought that.

no shame.

BUT, as much as i know we definitely can say approximately 1/2 of our moms clothing is outdated and might not be up to standard, the other half is actually {brace yourself…} pretty stylish. {wait, what?} because, believe it or not peter pan collared blouses, blazers, cardigans, hunter wellies, and riding boots {real, hardcore, leather riding boots. yeah.} were in style a mere 40 years ago. so as i’ve grown taller, broader, bustier{ish} i’ve started borrowing my moms clothes…a lot. this is not me telling you that everything in your mom’s closet is up to par, because, unless your mom is blake lively, {i can assure you she is not.} your mom’s closet definitely has some oldy-moldy, better-not-see-the-light-of-day-while-i’m-alive clothes. {but doesn’t everyone who has lived half a century have clothes like that?} before you exit out of this window, and run to your moms room to raid her closet, know what’s in and what’s not.

♥tops♥ alright, i know some of them are wicked gross, but mom’s definitely have some plain oscar de la renta t’s that can surely be turned into a kylie-jenner esque shirt. pop it on, tie a knot in the front, and BAM! there you go. 🙂 Peter pan collared blouses, loose tops, most are great and pretty universal – just be mindful of the pattern and if they look like a pattern you would see in new york city during fashion week. 🙂 also, cardigans. DEFINITELY hit that one up!  mommy sweaters are the best. 🙂

♥blazers♥ were definitely in back in the 70’s. but the only difference from the one from boscovs with the outdated clothing tag and the one you’ve seen on the racks in forever 21 is this: SHOULDER PADS. and they can either look totally amazing on you or totally gross. so, make sure you try it on to make sure it fits. well.

♥suits♥ yup. suits. but not the pants/jacket set that coco chanel patented. i’m talking tweed jacket, tweed skirt, tights, and clunky heels. {um, ew?} but although they look totally nasty togther, they’re totally rockin’ seperate! pencil skirts are uber chic and tweed blazers you can TOTALLY ROCK with the right pair of pants and shirt.

♥dresses♥ for the most part dresses , the dresses found in your moms closet resemble that which someone from full house would wear, so just be mindful of the prints that are that gross blue-green and pepto-bismol pink!

♥shoes♥ as for shoes, they’re pretty self-explanatory…!

OK! I think that’s it. I hope some of you found this helpful, but, as always, stay beautiful.♥




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