this year i resolve to…

So, today I wanted to share with you some of my new years resolutions. I’ve never actually done this before, but, I was sick on New Years Eve and I’d been meaning to write some out, so I came up with these!

New Years Resolutions 2013
1) Get good grades in school {minimum of b} Last year, {i’m getting personal. ahhaha} I literally did terrible in school. I had no inclination to do much of anything and I was  basically on tumblr when I should’ve been doing school. {admirable, i know. 😉 } So this year,  I really really want to get GOOD grades.
2) Work on running and working out consistently. : I used to play soccer. And then I hit the highschool years and the local soccer program that i was in just completely died out. SO, i’ve done nothing since then, excersize wise, and that NEEDS to change! I feel like a sloth, which I am. but, hey.
3) Worry less, knowing that nothing is in my hands but everything in gods. : I know this seems like a really weird resolution, but, I’m honestly the biggest worrier. I have minor panic attacks and they caused me to miss a total of 3-4 weeks of school this year. And it’s bad. I NEED TO WORRY LESS. it’s healthier for my body, it’s healthier for my mind. AND I JUST NEED TO LET MY WORRIES GO! like the song, don’t worry {ba dum ba dum dum dum} be happy{{ba dum ba dum dum dum.} haha. yeahh

4) Eat healthy.

Yup. Cliche resolution. Pretty self-explanatory though. 🙂
5) Step outside my comfort zone, whatever that may be.

All my life I’ve had trouble with stepping outside my comfort zone, going back to resolution #3 I’m constantly worrying about something.

I.E. this last year my family and I vacationed in Colorado and while we were there my mom and dad and my siblings all went ziplining. and i stayed home and babysat. SO this year, I’m literally going to force myself into situations that aren’t ideal, and step outside my comfort zone, whether that be walking up and introducing myself to someone i don’t know, or, going bungee jumping, i don’t know. we’ll see what happens.

6) Get a wardrobe thats functional and super stylish without bursting the bank.

Weird. I know. My wardrobe is FAILING right now. It isn’t quality, I need new everything. Or i need to refurb what I have, but, anyways. yeah. this is self-explanatory. so yup.

7) Start refining my singing voice. {Vocal lessons}

Lately, I’ve been noticing that my voice is deteriorating. I have no clue how. But it is. And I really want to improve the quality of it. So, hello vocal lessons this summer perhaps?
8) Do something amazing during summer Vaca.

9) Learn to ski.

Everyone I know knows how to ski. and I’ve never really wanted to learn until this year. But, there’s only 3 months left of ski weather. LETS DO THIS.

10) Tone my stomach and slim down my thighs.

My thighs and my stomach are my biggest insecurities. I constantly look at them and worry about them {see? i told you.} and i think they’re much flabbier than I’d like them to be and all that jazz. But, yeah. Somehow, wether it be running or sit ups or whatever I want to strengthen my core, and tone my thighs. 🙂

11) Blog 1-2 times a week. 

I’ve had probably about 5 blogs in my lifetime. 2 tumblrs, and 3 blogs. and the tumblrs are fine, but the blogs i’ve tried to start have FAILED  MISERABLY. This year I want to get off my keister and keep up a blog! Even if it’s just something that I do for 365 days. I need to do it for the whole 365 days. so yeah! 1-2 times a week is my goal. We’ll see how it goes! 🙂
12) Love more. Worry less. Find the good in all situations. Don’t let anyone bring me down. Stay confident. Be happy.

Well, that’s it, guys! I know this is a boring post, but, I really wanted to share them with you. To keep myself accountable and to share with you guys what I’m hoping to do!

I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday!




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