it’s definitely that time of year! you know, when it’s not incredibly abnormal to see white falling from the sky! 🙂 (Does anyone remember the snow storm we got in october? so weird.) the first official snowstorm has passed, hence the super deep white blanket we have on the grounds outside, and i’ve stolen my moms heavy wool sweater and donned the cozy socks, leg warmers, and snowboots, and i adorned myself with my forever 21 jacket and my toboggan hat and i braced myself for the cold, but that’s beside the point!

today i wanted to share with you some tips for how to be an effortless kind’ve cute while still staying warm and toasty in the snow. 🙂

1) Layering is key. Instead of grabbing that massive ski jacket from the 90’s{with that disgusting shade of blue-green and pepto pink in a pattern of geometric shapes. blech.}  that you only wear once a year, go for that cute, heavy oversized sweater from your mom’s closet(or yours, for that matter) with a thermal long sleeved shirt underneath. {Old Navy sells good ones, might I add.} as for the pants, double up! Leggings underneath skinny jeans will keep you warm while still maintaining that warm, cozy, cute, comfy look you’re going for! {And you can definitely have two layers of leggigns underneath the jeans ifff you’re like my mom and can’t stay out in the cold unless she has 5 layers of heavy clothing on. sigh. is that what i’m going to be like in 30 years?

also, adding fuzzy gloves, an infinity scarf, and a hat can help immensely!

2) Staying on trend. If you have absolutely no idea how to work with the clothes in your closet for a cold day, i would suggest hopping on over to pinterest and plugging in the search engine, snow day outfits. I know you’re probably like, “jeez, getttaload of this chick who thinks these are actually good tips.” well, PINTEREST IS PHENOMENALLLL. You’re bound to find something cute and warm, and perhaps find some better, cute, cold weather outfit tips. but, hey. definitely try to replicate the outfits you like using some of your own pieces! 🙂

3) Establish a go-to look. It’s easy for anyone, myself included, to just stand in front of your closet for a good half hour before either

a) putting on something cute but TOTALLY not warm

b) putting on something that’s warm but TOTALLY not cute.

SO, to avoid something like that, put together a go to look. Something you know will be a hit and keep you warm and toasty the whole night. {It also helps to minimize panic attacks that usually end up with your entire closet on the floor of your bedroom.}

So there you go, guys.

I know these are some well duhh tips, but, i hope some of you find them helpful!

So, stay warm, cuties!





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